Animal Euthanasia

There are circumstances in which we must depart from our dear companion. Whether it’s illness, accident or some other circumstance we know that this step is very difficult. That’s why we offer the service of animal euthanasia at home. First, it is very important to take the time to talk about it, whether with relatives, counselors or health professionals. You will be better positioned to make your decision and prepare for the future. Our team will be able to take the time to assess the situation and see with you if the time has come to proceed with euthanasia. We are also here to explain how the procedure will take place.

animal euthanasia

The procedure takes place at home so it provides the comfort of staying at home and removes great stress for the pet. He thus keeps his bearings, his habits and remains in the presence of his loved ones. At all times the procedure is discreet and intimate. To start the veterinarian you will have to sign an authorization to carry out the animal euthanasia. Subsequently, a first injection is administered intramuscularly. This sedation provides great relaxation and even makes the animal sleep most of the time. We leave you, then, in your intimacy with your companion for a few minutes. This usually takes about ten minutes to take effect. Afterwards we shave the paw and proceeded with an intravenous injection of a powerful drug. This causes the breath to stop and then to stop the heart before the end of the injection. All this is done without reaction on the part of the animal in general, it is as if it was falling asleep. We confirm the death by an auscultation using a stethoscope. At this stage we leave you alone with your pet to initiate the process of mourning. We return later to seek your faithful companion to bring it with us.

A frequently asked question is what happens afterwards? First it is stored in the cold then a company specialized in incineration comes to look for it. During the visit the veterinarian will ask you if you want an individual or group incineration. What this means is that if you choose collective incineration the procedure of cremation is done including several animals. If, on the other hand, you choose an individual incineration your animal will be incinerated alone and the ashes will be put back in an urn. At the time of the visit a member of our team will show you a range of models of urns so you will be able to make your choice as well as writings that you want to inscribe on a plaque placed on the urn. The return of ashes directly to your home will be carried out within one to two weeks.

We would like to accompany you also in the period following the departure of your loved one because we know that this is very difficult to live. We are available to discuss it with you and hold your hand in this process. Do not hesitate to talk with us, especially consider to take good care of you because you also are very important in the relation with your pet.